Dipl.- Eng. Stefan Dick

Official expert for industrial valves & actuators in piping systems


(Nominated by the chamber of commerce,  IHK Bonn / Rhein-Sieg - Germany)


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As an official Expert for valves & actuators in piping systems....




Expert has more than 25 years experience dealing with industrial valves and actuators in piping systems - and all the upcoming problems. He is officially nominated by the chamber of commerce / Germany.


More and more communication is very important before choosing the correct type of valve for your process. Expert could help also before trouble starts. To identify problems in a plant, it's necessary to see the complete process and find out problematic areas also beside the installed valves.


Expert does expertises on requirement from justice as well as private expertises. An official expertise will help all involved parties to find solutions for exiting or upcoming problems. To get help from an independent expert could solve problems much more faster - and save money because the production process will work properly



....I'll bring my wide experience to you and your company!

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